Fabrication Work

Top-Of-The-Line Fabrication Work

When it comes to the fabrication process, Marshall Erecting’s customers expect nothing less than excellence and that’s what we deliver. Marshall Erecting is a one-stop shop. We do everything from the design and engineering to the shop fabrication and delivery. Our top-quality work starts with carefully drawn plans. We utilize the latest 3D CAD software to transform your ideas from a thought to reality. The metal fabrication of mild and stainless steel is cut, bent, welded and assembled in our fab shop on our premises. Our skilled steel workers are very good at producing a high-quality product. Marshall Erecting has earned the trust of many companies over the years and developed an outstanding reputation in this field. 

Marshall has extensive experience in custom mezzanines, stairways, catwalks, roof platforms for air handling units, chillers etc.
Call us today to schedule our high-end fabrication work.
Our experienced and trained workers have over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication of a wide variety of products.
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