Custom-Made Ironwork for Your Commercial Uses

Ironwork is one of many capabilities Marshall Erecting possesses. They have certifications in rigging, welding, and operating equipment. Ironworkers also provide maintenance assistance and support in outages. Our ironworkers not only erect structural steel but also work on reinforcing existing structures like crane runways, building steel and do repairs to damaged columns. Their technical training includes not only the reinforcing and installation of steel but also blueprint reading, sketching, general construction techniques, and safe practices.
Steel work

Durable Steel Ironwork for Your Commercial and Industrial Uses

Structural steel is a part of every project. Marshall Erecting has the capability to not only fabricate the unique structure but also to install it. We specialize in installing chiller tower structures that attach to the roof of an existing building. We erect catwalks and mezzanines. Sometimes a building requires reinforcing to support an MRI machine or other heavy items that the building lacks the capacity for. Roof-mounted equipment requires a frame that attaches directly to the building’s roof steel. Not only do the frames need to be installed but the roof trusses require additional reinforcement. All this is handled by Marshall Erecting.

Complete Ironwork We Offer

  • Steel erecting
  • Blueprint reading
  • Certified rigging / welding
  • Certified equipment operating
  • Field fabrication
  • Emergency services
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